Securus Technologies Shares Some of the Comments from Users of Their Products

Securus Technologies, a leader in civil and criminal justice technology has recently released a number of comments they have received on the benefits of their products and services to the prison system. They protected the names and identifying information from being exposed, but some of the comments include:


  • A comment from a prison personnel on how they were able to arrest a corrupt employee by intercepting phone calls inside the prison. The employee was bringing in contraband to the inmates.
  • In another situation, calls were monitored allowing for the discovery of alcohol and drugs being sold inside the facility. There were calls intercepted leading to information about money being transferred inside the prison as well.
  • Other comments also pointed to the ability prison officials have in controlling contraband in the facilities, due to being able to control phone conversations and other communications channels.
  • Many commented that they felt that the products and services Securus provides keeps the environment safer for all involved with the system.
  • Authorities were recently able to listen in on an inmate talking with another inmate and hear two siblings talking. The older one was explaining to the younger one what to say if questioned about a recent shooting. The conversations help solve crimes.


These are just a few comments that administrators and employees have sent in explaining how helpful the technology provided by Securus Technologies has been for them. Securus, provides technology specifically designed for use in the criminal justice system. It helps maintain safety, improve investigations, monitor activity and increase safety inside prisons.


Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They serve public safety, law enforcement agencies, and over 1.2 million inmates across the U.S. They provide emergency response systems, public information, biometric analysis, communications, monitoring services and more


Why Betsy DeVos and Her Family Are So Passionate With Private School Funding

Betsy DeVos is a very opinionated woman. She’s the perfect antithesis of political correctness. Her first exposure to politics came during her college days. Upon graduation, she grew more emboldened and ventured into mainstream national politics. The media refers to her as a staunch reformer with radical ties to the Republican Party.

Mrs. DeVos and the husband, Dick, own numerous companies dealing in technology, clean energy, manufacturing and even sports. The couple is originally from the Michigan area, and they have secured themselves a name on the philanthropy hall of fame. Reason being, they keep on splashing millions of dollars to courses and activities dear to their hearts.

The Devos Family Foundation

Speaking in an interview, Betsy expressed her optimism on what she’d been able to enforce on the private school voucher programs. For one, the programs now support 25K plus students in the following states Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Columbia District and Louisiana. Expansion plans are slated to target new states namely, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Indiana. Despite the criticisms, the vouchers are an instant hit with minorities as well.

Visit to know more about their foundation.

The Problem is identified

The billionaire daughter in law to Charles Amway of Amway Technologies has remained passionate about the educational sector in America, most of her adult life. That in itself is grounds enough to declare that the loving mother of four will succeed in breathing life to the aged American education system. Her obsession with private school voucher funding programs started one Sunday afternoon as she and the husband, Dick, visited the Potters House Private Christian School. What they saw that day, thirty years ago, stayed with them forever. The poor parents showed up without even a morsel of bread to give to their children. The Devoses still continue to donate to the school to this exact date.

A Solution is Found

In 1993, Michigan became the first ever state to introduce and pass the Charter School Bill. The couple’s influence played a vital role in this development. Betsy currently serves as a board member in close to a dozen registered philanthropic organizations. These include the American Federation for Children (AFC) founded by Dick DeVos and the now departed John Walton.

Cost of Partisan Politics

Betsy’s best accomplishment has been the integration of the pro-choice programs in Florida. The interview sums up with Betsy DeVos urging Democrats to refrain from engaging in petty partisan politics especially when dealing with the sensitive issue of education.

Meet Betsy DeVos

Betsy is an accomplished industrialist with a big heart for charity. She is the current Secretary of Education of the U.S.A. For six years, Betsy served as the Michigan Republican Party Chair-lady. Her political career spans back 35 years. Mrs. DeVos attended the Holland Christian High School. Later, she enrolled at the Calvin College for her BA. She’s married with four kids and five grandkids.

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The Toy Box Killer Terrified Victims Before He Satisfied His Heinous Compulsion


The Toy Box Killer, David Parker Ray, was the primary suspect in the brutal slaying of sixty women. Though his five-decade killing spree in New Mexico was cut short by a heart attack, the details of his macabre exploits describe a unique personal world of terror. These details make his story truly horrifying.


Extravagant Torture


The Toy Box Killer amassed an elaborate home dungeon used to torment his victims. This murderous investment was valued at more than $100,000.


An Artist’s Eye


Many of Ray’s victims were photographed next to amazing scenic desert landscapes. Perhaps a red sunset inspired the presence of blood.  Some of the most disturbing serial killer pictures ever taken.


An Architect’s Eye


The Toy Box Killer drew and cataloged detailed plans of his next killing. Many of these drawings and plans resemble building schematics.


Audio Evidence


Ray always recorded the screams and petitions of his victims. It’s evident they didn’t haunt him, but encouraged him to kill more.


Tools of the Trade


In the Toy Box Killer’s home devices like BDSM leg spreaders and yolks were discovered. It seems no victim escaped the role of being a sexual object.


Torture Training


The victims of the Toy Box Killer were strapped supinated to a table and made to listen to terrifying audio tapes detailing instructions on how they were to be tortured.


Don’t Come Forward


A few of Ray’s victims were scheduled to make depositions in court regarding their experiences with this killer. They died mysteriously before their testimonies could be heard.


Animal Involvement


One of the recorded threats conveyed to the Toy Box Killer’s victims was the assurance of being violated by pet dogs.


Trusted Figure


Parker Ray worked as a New Mexico Parks and Recreation Department official, and scoped-out many of his victims while on the job.


Advanced Techniques


The Toy Box Killer routinely used drugging and hypnosis as a way to lull victims into compliance.


An Early Start


The Toy Box Killer first experimented with sadomasochism as a teenager by tying a woman to a tree and torturing her.


A Lucky Woman


Only one escapee is documented to have escaped the den of the Toy Box Killer. Cynthia Vigil was discovered running naked down a long and lonesome desert highway.

George Soros Helps To Fund Underprivileged Companies And Individuals

An overwhelming impressive quantity of highly respected citizens, known in their hearts that the newly elected President, Donald Trump, is unworthy of holding the office of President. The most interesting bulk of evidence to come to this startling conclusion is the extreme amount of people that have concurred with this opinion, chief among them is Mr. George Soros. He personally has experienced the methods that are employed by true tyrants, such as Hitler.

George is from War-ravaged Hungary. When the Nazi forces invaded, his father was forced to split up their family. George’s father went so far as to acquire falsified documents declaring them to be Christians. He feared because they are Jews that they would all be killed, so he changed their surnames. George was born with the surname of Schwartz only later to be altered to Soros, an Esperanto word. George eventually evaded the evil eye of the Nazis and made it to London in the 1940’s. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

George studied economics and philosophy at college. His philosophy lessons showed him that society can achieve greatness if they allow their citizens to be free. This sincerely deep viewpoint changed George’s outlook on life, and he acquired his Master’s in Philosophy in 1952. George applied his economic and philosophy knowledge to assist him with becoming employed with Singer & Friedlander, the highly acclaimed brokerage firm. George began to buy securities from one country and selling it for a profit, to another country as a venture capitalist. Within a few short years, George had enough money to make it to New York. In 1961 he earned to become a genuine citizen of the country. After George was working for a great many Wall Street ventures, he opened up a hedge fund, the Soros Fund. Eventually the name was changed to become the Quantum Fund. George Soros had amassed such control over his wealth that he began to help other people, via a spectacular variety of philanthropic actions.

Through George’s company the Open Society Foundation, founded in 1984, he has provided a great many billions of dollars to those in need. His foundation’s desire is to benefit the need for education to citizens, provide medical assistance to those in need, and to fund the protection of civil liberties. He has also supplied charitable donations in the billions, as economic aid, to enterprises that were impoverished. Mr. Soros is quite frankly, extremely interested in helping out citizens that seek to take up the sword against injustice. His feelings against the war on drugs, is known worldwide. George believes that legal cannabis use has supported countless people with a large degree of health problems.

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Who Are The Losers And Beneficiaries Of Brexit?

The departure of the United Kingdom from the EU had an immediate effect on the economy of Europe and the world. Immediately after exiting the EU, stock markets across Europe suffered a 12% fall, followed by a significant devaluation of the UK’s Sterling Pound on The pound reached the lowest level of value since 1985, and worse lasting on the implications on the global economy are foreseen to happen in the future.

According to principal executive Flavio Maluf, the first economic consequences will be heard by the UK. Figures released by the EU in 2014 showed that UK contributed more to the EU that it gained. Although, this brought inflation in the country, exiting the EU shall never be the solution. A significant drop in investments is expected to be experienced as there will be no more free movement across the borders.

Moreover, the UK will be disadvantaged in foreign trade across Europe. The custom unions that eliminated tariffs and offered quota will no longer be accessible to the Britons at Exiting the bloc means that EU will set new rates for the nation, which will adversely affect the UK’s foreign trade.

On the other side, the EU bloc will not be spared by the exit. The UK had established trade links with France and Germany. Exiting from the bloc means that these nations will as well struggle economically. Immediately after existing, France showed signs of adverse effects meaning that only Germany is left with muscles to sustain the entire bloc. Other countries in the bloc are also expected to face significant challenges economically.

The Beneficiary

Brazil stands an excellent chance to boost its economy. Exiting the EU means that the UK can sign enter into bilateral agreements with Brazil. This becomes possible because EU discusses bilateral agreements on on behalf of each member country. The benefits may, however, be very limited since the UK accounts for less than 2%.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is an experienced entrepreneur and mechanical engineer with excellent skills and knowledge in business management. He is the president of Eucatex and GrandFood. Maluf is a graduate of the FAAP University in Sao Paulo. Maluf devotes some of his time to help young entrepreneurs develop their career. Through his blog, he advises people on matters concerning job interviews, climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding at their workplace.

George Street Photo & Video Locations

George Street Photo and Video is a photography and videography company that specializes in wedding photography. Their services are available in locations across the U.S., including Milwaukee, Wisconsin and San Antonio, Texas.

George Street provides wedding and engagement photo and video services in some of the most areas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, such as the Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park, the Discovery World, Whitnall Park, Downtown Milwaukee, the Discovery World, and the South Shore Park.

In San Antonio, Texas, wedding and engagement photos and videos are captured in a number of scenic George Street Photo and Video Addresses, such as the Canyon Springs Golf Club, the San Antonio Botanical Garden, the St. Anthony Hotel, Japanese Tea Gardens, Market Square, the Robbie Broyles and Double G Ranch, Brackenridge Park, and the McNary Art Museum.

To view the portfolio, pricing, availability, the style quiz, and more information about George Street Photo and Video, visit the George Street Wedding Photography & Video website at

Oncotarget – a medical journal against cancer

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal written in English that comes out once a week. The medical journal covers the recently conducted research in the medical field of oncology. It was first published in 2010 and is being issued by the publisher Impact Journals. There are two editors in chief – Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny and Doctor Andrei V. Gudkov. The medical journal was established in order to make the results of scientific research widely available to the public and to medical professionals as well. Learn more about Oncotarget journal at

Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is a Russian scientist who does research in the fields of oncology and the process of aging. He is based in New York City and is a part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, also in New York, where he teaches oncology. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny graduated from First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg with honors and with an M. D. in internal medicine as well as with a Ph. D. in cardiology and experimental medicine. He is also an associate editor for two other medical journals – Aging and Cell Cycle. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny mostly researches targeted cancer therapies, the mechanisms of the aging process, various drugs for life extension, and ways to protect cells from the damage of cancer. The main mission of Oncotarget is to help in the fight against cancer and to spread further awareness of the disease.

Doctor Andrei V. Gudkov is also a part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a Chair of the Department of Cell Stress Biology. He is also Senior Vice President of Basic Science. Doctor Andrei V. Gudkov attended the Cancer Research Center, USSR from which he graduated with a PH. D. in experimental oncology. He also studied at the Moscow State University, USSR and earned a D.Sci (Doctorate of Science) in molecular biology. Doctor Andrei V. Gudkov has written and co-written more than 135 articles on various scientific and medical thematic. He currently holds over twenty patents. He mostly conducts his research in the areas of gene discovery, various drug discovery approaches and in molecular targets for the treatment of cancer. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Roberto Santiago’s Santiago Shopping Mall Is the Pace Setter in the Brazilian Malls Business

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian businessman and owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Roberto was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa, the capital city of the state of Paraiba. Santiago Manaira Shopping was launched in 1989 and has one of the best architectural designs as well as the largest floor space in Joao Pessoa. Since its inauguration, the shopping mall has undergone five expansions aimed at accommodating the ever increasing population in the coastal city.

Roberto Santiago is no doubt among the most prominent entrepreneurs across Brazil. He is respected for his ability to take advantage of a business opportunity by investing in it and diversifying it to suit the demand of the region. Roberto has heavily invested in Santiago Manaira with respect to leisure and entertainment. These investments have complemented the beautiful natural beaches of Paraiba, attracting more visitors in the process and boosting the economy and social life of the local community.

The Facility at Santiago Manaira

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a gross leasable area of over 75,000 M2, 280 stores, and 11 movie rooms. These video rooms are equipped with audio and visual display systems, including 3D display screens. That notwithstanding, the rooms have a complete stadium system with armchairs arranged in a way that ensures that all customers are comfortable and that they have a clear view of the screen.

The Santiago Manaira is fitted with modern and electronic slopes for bowling game lovers. Besides bowling, there are over 200 electronic game machines installed differently to suit the taste of all generations and genders. The hospitality department is divided into three different sections that include restaurants, hamburgers, and food courts with all having the best chefs in Brazil. The Santiago also has a concert hall, gym, and a college.

Unaffected by the Economic Crises

Unlike the other Brazilian sectors that were significantly affected by the recent economic crisis in Brazil, Shopping malls were not affected. The businesses’ annual earnings rose by 5 percent last year, with this figure expected to grow even more this year. The Santiago Manaira is among the biggest earners in the industry.

Re-Invention Plans

Northeast Brazil ranks second as the region with the most shopping malls. The mall managers in the region are confident of reaping big once the Brazilian economy stabilizes. Consequently, Santiago Marina is going to face stiff competition this year. However, the Santiago Manaira’s marketing manager, Ms. Rafaella Barros, revealed that the mall was in the process of being reinvented, a move aimed at helping it to keep competing at the highest levels. Visit to read more.

Efforts of End Citizen United Could Soon End Big and Dark Money In Politics

In 2010, the Supreme Court passed the Citizen United bill, which has changed the nature of American elections. Citizen United opened doors for billionaires and other people with special interests to spend unlimited amounts in campaigns making the electioneering process unaccountable. End Citizen United was established in March 2015 and registered as a super Political Action Committee that aims at overturning the disastrous Citizen United decision.


End Citizen United is committed to stop big and dark money in politics and restructure the United States’ rigged political system. The PAC has laid down strategies to help it achieve its mission. The plans include;


  • Using grassroots membership to demonstrate the political power on matters concerning money in politics
  • Making the issue of money in politics a national priority
  • Campaigning for pro-reform candidates


End Citizen United plan was to support Democrats because they believed that Democrats have a meaningful leadership that can implement the change.


The Strategy to Reverse Citizen United


After its launch in 2015, End Citizens United developed strategies that would see it make a significant impact in the 2016 electioneering season. The political action committee plan was to funnel millions of dollars to Democratic candidates running for various competitive House and Senate positions across the country. In less than a month into its inception, the agency received over $2 million from small donors, and the goal was to have over $25 million by the 2016 campaign season.


The group was formed with a goal to pass a constitutional amendment that will reverse the Citizen United ruling made by the Supreme Court. Citizen United was enacted in 2010 and has been criticized for unleashing dirty money into the nation’s politics through the use of super PACs. Two months into its formation, the super PAC had already collected 325,000 signatures and partnered with Ready for Hillary in their quest to collect the required four million signatures required to petition the decision.


In their pursuit for the constitutional amendment, the agency had endorsed 11 Democratic candidates by August 2015, and the figures were expected to increase. The endorsement was made as a move to back candidates who were in favor of campaign finance reform. In 2016, the PAC would set up an independent expenditure arm to back their preferred candidates through television ads, polling, and direct mailers.


The Breakthrough


Although End Citizens United is planning to enact finance reforms on local and state level, overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision remains their priority. However, overturning this ruling won’t be an easy task because it will require backing from two-thirds of the House and Senate as well as ratification from three-fourths of the states. Policy experts and senior advisors believe that having $ 25 million in ads will be a big deal and may have a positive impact on overturning the decision. Additionally, some Republicans in Congress were expected to support the motion making it easier for End Citizen United.



How Tammy Mazzocco has Benefited From Ohio’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Ohio, and the whole country in general was at its peak. In Ohio, the property sales spiked by over 7% percent. In total, the industry managed to sell over 151, 600 Homes. This was the highest sale that the state had seen since the year 2005. And when other states were adversely affected by the winter season, things seemed to be getting even better for the Ohio real estate market. In comparison with the year 2015 winter, Ohio witnessed an increase of 2.8 % sales during winter.

One of the beneficiaries of these positive trend in Ohio’s real estate market is Tammy Mazzocco. She is a serial realtor based in Ohio. Her journey in these industry started at the Edwards Realty Company. When she entered this industry, she was just a secretary for these commercial real estate company. She was among the team of nine realtors who worked for the company. Back in the day, she did not know whether she wanted to pursue real estate as a long term career.

Later on, she moved to work for Scotland Yard Condominiums. She worked here for seven years. Her job at Scotland Yard opened her eyes and she decided to seriously consider real estate as her long term profession. So, in the year 1995 she got licensed. Getting a real estate license had been suggested by Cook who was her boss at Scotland Yard. He mentored Mazzocco into becoming an even better realtor.

Seven years later, her tenure at Scotland Yard came to an end and she was tapped by T&R Properties. The company owned two apartment complexes and a warehouse, where he was in charge of the property. Mazzocco has also worked for RE/MAX producer and Pickerington’s Judy Gang & Associates.