1. IKEA Japan Storage Problems campaign: Dance to the beat!

    In 2009, IKEA Japan ran a marketing campaign called Shunoumondai (Storage Problems). “Storage Solution Experts” from IKEA would go to the homes of people with major storage problems, install a bunch of IKEA stuff, and solve it. The theme of the campaign was this catchy song with calypso beat, and the accompanying dance. (Katazuke means ‘to put [stuff] away’).

    Catchy, isn’t it? I have to restrain myself from breaking out in song and dance at our local IKEA in Avignon.

    IKEA held in-house auditions for the campaign, where their employees had to demonstrate their…dance abilities? Well here are some of the auditions.

    Some of the employees are suspiciously good. This guy here must be an ex-ballet dancer or something…

    And finally, here are a couple of the Storage Problem Solving visits. They do the dance as warm-up and cool-down exercises, reminiscent of Rajio Taiso (radio exercises and the morning assembly exercised performed at some Japanese companies.

    It’s even funnier when a platinum blond Swede does it!

    You can see the rest of the series here.


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