Simon Denyer is one of the most exciting and celebrated journalists cum writers of our times. He has won the lucrative Pulitzer Prize for a groundbreaking series of articles on one of the most significant existential crises on the planet, climate change. In his articles, he, together with other journalists, was able to show and explain the scientific rationale and the effects of the exponential rise in temperature on the planet.

His work with the Washington Post is well-known, and he has worked as a correspondent for the same media house for some time now. He is currently the China bureau chief for the Washington Post, serving the same role that he had in India. His extensive writing career has won him numerous awards such as the Overseas Press Club award, two National Headliners Awards, and a Human Rights Press Award for his coverage of China and Japan.

Simon Denyer is best known for his book Rogue Elephant: Harnessing the Power of Democracy in New India. This 2014 book has continued to garner positive reviews. The book talks about the developing socio-political issues in India. Simon Denyer is optimistic about the future of democracy in India. He also covers topics on freedom of speech, human rights, corruption, and many others in his book.

Simon Denyer takes on the recently held Tokyo Olympics has been illuminating. On Olympics coverage, he praised Japan’s determination and efforts in bringing the world together in the middle of the angst worsened by the pandemic. And at the same time, he criticizes the Japanese government for some of the failures of the Olympics. He argues that the Japanese people are now left to foot the $15 billion Olympics bill they never even had a chance to attend. On top of that, he is also critical of Japan’s hammer-on-the-head approach for hosting the Olympic games, even though the country’s response to vaccination was poor.

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