Ways The New Cloud Inventory’s Version Is Helping You In Supply Chain Management

The new version of Cloud Inventory prevents inventory losses, ensures compliance, eliminates paperwork, and optimizes revenue generation. Applications provide rapid integration with standard or custom ERP or other accounting systems, creating a single source of supply chain visibility and control.

Additionally, the software is interoperable with leading ERP software like SAP and Oracle, allowing users to manage multiple accounting systems without compromising data integrity. The latest version of Cloud Inventory, which is now in beta release, addresses the new demands of business in a highly competitive world.

The platform’s role:

  • The Field Inventory platform is a single source of truth for every product sold in every channel in every country. It’s the best way to keep up with your supply chain and avoid the costly mistakes of incorrect inventory, product mix, stock-outs, and broken linkages. It’s the center point that reduces risk, improves your business, and increases your profits.
  • Easy to use, users simply store inventory, Jobsite inventory, inventory, budgets, and resources on Cloud Inventory. They can upload and store raw materials, job orders, and customer invoices and then retrieve the materials and goods to produce the job.

Companies need a solution that provides comprehensive visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain, from shipment to delivery, as well as a complete compliance picture. The new Field Inventory release achieves just that, said Mark Goode, Chief Executive Officer of DSI.

“With Cloud Inventory, there’s no need for physical inventory; it’s 100% on-demand. As a supplier, you can review orders and inventory at any time.” By leveraging a state-of-the-art Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, businesses gain a comprehensive view of the fleet management and records management software, consolidating manual processes into a single platform, a significant cost-savings benefit for manufacturers and distributors.

New Cloud Inventory’s version helps you in supply chain management, taking the stress and pain out of managing inventory. The program helps manufacturers in all facets of the supply chain: from order management to replenishment tracking and profitability reporting. Visit this page to learn more.


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