About JoggingBuddy and Michael Capiraso

JoggingBuddy is a recreational running club that brings runners with like-mindedness to achieve their set goals and objectives on the road. Jogging and running are in the category of the best exercises to keep your body healthy, your muscles strong, and help with your cardiovascular fitness. In most cases, people find it hard to begin jogging for reasons such as lacking a partner who can motivate them. That is where JoggingBuddy comes in.

JoggingBuddy is a platform that offers a social support network that helps people come together in the promotion of walking, jogging, and running for fitness. You don’t have to walk or run alone, whereas JoggingBuddy exists. See more on Twitter

Benefits of getting a jogging friend in JoggingBuddy

  1. Motivation

when you run alone, there are chances that you will get tired and feel the need to rest. Running with a partner, on the other hand, challenges you and keeps you motivated.

  1. Flexibility

The best thing with Jogging Buddy is that you will always find a jogging partner from whatever destination you travel to.

  1. Achieve your goals

Running in twos or as a team always keeps you on toes, and whatever goals you would take longer to achieve, you do so within a shorter period.

JoggingBuddy is excited to work with Michael Caparison, the head and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Road Runners. Michael Capiraso is a great leader, especially in the sports, entertainment, and consumer goods sector. He has worked for different sports organizations, including Major League Baseball, NFL, Calvin Klein, WPP, and Cole Haan. His immense experience and expertise will bring positive outcomes in the JogginBuddy, where he is currently a member of the advisory board. He is also a shareholder since he says that the platform is worth investing in since it encourages people to walk, run or jog for fitness.

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