Andrew Alexander has worked with some of the top comedians in Canada

There are many different people involved with the comedy world. We generally think about the comedians, which are the face of comedy. We don’t consider the writing teams behind comedy acts, the producers of their programs or skits, or the other various people behind the curtain that make comedy happen. One of the various people that are behind the curtain of comedy acts and shows is Andrew Alexander.

Andrew Alexander has worked with some of the top comedians in Canada and the United States. He’s primarily worked with comedians based out of Canada due to his time as a producer of the comedy club Second City’s Canada location. He has produced a variety of comedian’s shows. More recently he’s worked with the comedian and actor Martin Short. Martin Short has a fun and offbeat sense of humor that Andrew Alexander clearly appreciates since they have worked together on a few different projects. The special he worked on with Martin Short is titled I, Martin Short, Goes Home. The special is focused on Martin Short returning to his hometown in Hamilton, Ontario. He shows up for a show that is for his childhood inspiration, the puppeteering talent Mason McGillivray. While he’s back in his hometown he talks about his early comedy career.

Andrew Alexander has also worked recently on producing some comedy specials for Second City.

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