Andrew Alexander Skills and Leadership in Television and Theater

Andrew Alexander is an England native who was born in London in 1944. His father worked in the aeronautics industry. In 1951, he relocated his family to Canada. After completing junior and high school, Andrew Alexander enrolled at Tri-State College in Indiana. He later studied at Ryerson University, based in Toronto.

Andrew Alexander is best known for his work in theater and television production. His best achievements in the two industries were while he co-owned The Second City, during which he took a fundamental role in the production of SCTV. His time in the entertainment industry has not only been about skills and innovations; he has also played a leading role in grooming current and future stars.

Before assuming leadership of The Second City, the production house was managed poorly, with debts and inconsistencies of production and business being the order. However, Andrew took over the theater and streamlined its operations based on his strong leadership skills. Also, he spent time grooming several people, such as comedians Dave Thomas and Len Stuart.

Andrew Alexander has excelled in his career. He has been an executive producer for more than one hundred and eighty-five shows. He has also been the leading producer for SCTV, where he’s been involved in not less than one hundred and fifty hours of comedy. He was also one of the stockholders who founded Super Channel. Several professionals have endorsed Andrew, such as nineteen of his colleagues at The Second City, for his skills and service.

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