Andrew Frame: Serial Entrepreneur And Investor

Andrew Frame is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has founded or been involved with startups such as, Social Print Studio, and LiveAction. Andrew is also an advisor for several startups and a mentor at Techstars and the Founder Institute. In this interview, Andrew shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and offers insights into what he looks for when investing in a startup.

When he founded Social Print Studio, the idea was to make it easier to print photos. The company pivoted after realizing that people were more interested in printing physical products with text and graphics on them.

Andrew is also a big believer in being customer-centric. When starting a new company, it’s important to talk to your target market and figure out what they want or need. Frame advises people on the best way to learn by talking to your customers and understanding their problems.

Andrew Frame has a lot of experience and advice to share with aspiring entrepreneurs. In this interview, he offers insights into what he looks for when investing in a startup and shares his tips for success. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, Andrew Frame is someone you should listen to.

In addition, Andrew has a lot of experience with startups and what he looks for is a team that is passionate about their product and customer-centric. He’s been an advisor to several startups, including, Social Print Studio, and Live-Action. Andrew has also been a mentor at TechStars and the Founder Institute. So if you’re thinking of starting your own business, Andrew would be a great person to listen to.

Lastly, Andrew advises aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on solving people’s real problems. Too often, people get caught up in technology and forget about the problem they’re trying to solve. He tells the people that it is not always about the technology, but the problem is solved. Visit this page to learn more.


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