Greg Blatt, Maverick Entrepreneur

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  Gary McGaghey, CFO of PwC: A Leader in Financial Management

Gary McGaghey is a leader in financial management and has been with PwC for over 25 years. As the... Read More
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Vinod Gupta was the Chairman and CEO of InfoUSA

Vinod Gupta, the man many call the “Unicorn” who founded InfoUSA and later InfoGROUP, is a businessman who believes... Read More
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 Vijay Eswaran Personal, Business and Leadership Insight

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author with a multinational company, QI Group, aimed at effecting sustainability... Read More
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 Gary McGaghey Shares Insight Why Invest in Private Companies?

According to Gary Mcgahey , private companies are safer because they’re smaller, they’re more nimble, and they’re less regulated.... Read More

 Gary McGaghey – The 2022 CFO and What You'll Need to Know to Succeed!

Today’s CFOs have two broad and long-term roles: generating and articulating the business strategy and leading the delivery of... Read More
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 Vijay Eswaran Shares the Four Pillars of Great Leadership

Leaders always want to do more. More is the goal. For a leader, it isn’t easy to feel satisfied... Read More
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How Edgard Corona leads the Fitness Sector

Edgard Corona’s SmartFit group is the leader in the Brazilian fitness equipment market, with a presence of over 480... Read More
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 He Marwan Kheireddine: A Prolific Entrepreneur and Educator

He Marwan Kheireddine is a successful entrepreneur and educator who has been involved in many different businesses over the... Read More
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 Vijay Eswaran on Women in the Workplace

According to Vijay Eswaran, Companies that ignore their most precious assets lose their competitiveness and long-term prosperity. Vijay argues... Read More