Desiree Perez and Rocking the Nation

Entertainment, sports, and music, all things we enjoy consuming. For some, it isn’t about consuming alone though, many aspire to become the next star quarterback or pop performer. One leader within the global entertainment industry has put effort into aiding young upstarts within the industry, Desiree Perez. She oversees much within the industry, but one venture she dedicates much time to is the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment at LI University. Perez brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school, making grants and scholarships available for those with exceptional talent.

Additionally, the school has lectures and guest professors that are often superstars within the music, athletics, and entertainment field. Desiree Perez is the daughter of Cuban immigrants, and values creating opportunities for students with talent and drive, who might otherwise not be able to make it within the industry due to financial difficulties. Creating a debt-free environment for a quarter of students is something she’s proud to be a part of; investing in the success of subsequent generations will create the leaders of the future, Perez believes, and advancing important causes with that investment is paramount.

Perseverance, dedication, and the determination to pursue opportunities are something that Desiree Perez hopes to impart onto the next generation with the Roc Nation School courses, along with commitment and discipline. Her approach includes actively listening to the needs of those around her and the students she serves, imparting the need to be a good listener in order to be a good leader. Encouraging comprehension and the pursuit of knowledge is another important lesson she values and strives to set a good example with her own actions and decisions. The industry Perez involves herself in is a busy one, but making sure to maintain her integrity takes the helm.