Edgard Corona Has Mastered Social Media

Edgard Corona Has Mastered Social Media

Fitness trainer Edgar Corona has not only one of the most recognizable faces in Latin America, but his brand, Smartfit, has branches in seven countries with more than 1.6 million members who follow his advice to stay fit and healthy. With more than 50 fitness centers in the region, Corona shares his experiences with Bienestar & Salud Magazine, focusing on the importance of good nutrition to achieve good health and happiness.

Edgard Corona in 2021

Edgard Corona, 53, is one of Latin America’s most influential fitness gurus. An entrepreneur who has built a worldwide network of over 1,600 health clubs, Corona is one of Mexico’s richest men. Corona’s favorite book is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which he reads in Spanish once a year. He owns 14 Ferrari models and loves horse riding with his children.

Edgard Corona on Podcasts

Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular way to learn and train. One of my favorites is Joe Rogan’s, which features Corona himself! Edgard has been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience multiple times and shares stories from growing up in Latin America to helping grow @fcfvaofficial into one of the largest networks in Latin America. He also discusses different diets that have helped him get into incredible shape.

He Has A Facebook Page

He has nearly 900,000 fans on Facebook. As of May 2021, his fan page has been liked by more than 480,000 people. Edgard is also active on Twitter and Instagram. He boasts over 500k followers on each platform. With 1.6 million members in South America alone, Edgard is no stranger to social media marketing. He’s embraced Facebook as a great source for communicating with his audience and posting workout photos/videos to keep them engaged! Go Here for related Information.