Gary McGaghey fits the mold of the ideal CFO in today's challenging market

Gary McGaghey, the CFO of Williams Lea Tag, and from October of 2015 until April of 2017 as the CFO of Unilever, and whom in April of 2002, led Unilever South Africa to acquire three important companies for Unilever, is by definition the essential CEO.

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Although in 2022, CFOs are often busy battling supply chain problems and also busy trying to digitize every aspect of their business, according to most experts in financial affairs, there are 5 main challenges for all CFOs: challenges, capabilities, configuration, cloud, and culture, which fundamentally occupy the bulk of a CFOs attention.

And based upon surveys of CFOs, there are 6 main topics that will occupy the attention of CFOs like Gary McGahey in 2022:

  •  1. Accelerating transformation

    Moving to the cloud and moving to digital transformation as much as possible are prime targets for CFOs.

  •  2. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues

    These are prime drivers of every company’s efforts, and a major challenge for CFOs.

  •  3. Building trust and purpose

    CFOs are being tasked with building trust with stakeholders in the company to build trust and purpose across the board.

  •  4. Taxes, risk and regulation

    Taxes, risk, and regulation have always been central issues, but since COVID, the business environment has been riskier than ever.

  •  5. Dealing with the future of work

    As employees increasingly leave companies or retire early, CFOs are facing efforts to define work in a new and meaningful way for employees.

  •  6. Enabling growth

    Naturally, growth is a prime concern for most companies, and in 2022, being able to enable growth is increasingly challenging.

Gary McGaghey, with many years of experience as a CFO, is well equipped to meet these challenges and is a perfect example of how a modern CEO contributes to companies well being.