Georgette Mulheir Explains the Political threats Politicians Have Been Experiencing in Haiti

A Political prisoner is a term that is used to refer to the captives who have been put behind bars because they have failed to recognize the leadership that is in power. This is something that used to happen very many years ago when most of the countries all around the world were looking to have some stability in their operations while others were looking for some of the ways through which they would organize their leadership  (Crunchbase).


Those who have been imprisoned due to their political stands have suffered some brutal punishments while others have also been killed. For Georgette Mulheir, it is something that has been in the countries that have been developing, especially in the African region. However, in recent times, issues to do with political prisoners have significantly been abolished as most of the countries have been incorporating good leadership in their countries. According to Georgette Mulheir, the current leader has dissolved the parliament, which is a major political movement that seems to have removed all the powers that other individuals possess. 


He is currently imprisoning all the politicians who have been against his current move of postponing presidential elections. This is something that has put the country into some major violence as people try to wrestle their country back from a dictatorial regime.


About Georgette Mulheir


The events of the larger world have distracted millions of people from the fact that there is something wrong that is currently happening in Haiti. Most of the people are currently concerned about the pandemic, and Haiti is of little concern to most of the people. However, to Georgette Mulheir, Haiti is currently burning down, and unless something is quickly done, there will be very many politicians who will suffer through the rogue leader.