Patrick Carroll to Speak at Bisnow Annual Multifamily Conference Southeast

M Patrick Carroll, the founder, and CEO of M Patrick Carroll Construction has been selected to speak at Bisnow’s annual Multifamily Conference Southeast. This will be his first time speaking on this stage since he launched his company in 2000.

  1. Patrick Carroll is a renowned speaker, consultant, and author on sustainable building practices for multifamily housing communities. His expertise spans the construction process from design to completion with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Mr. M Patrick Carroll will speak at Bisnow’s Annual Multifamily Conference Southeast in November about how to make your multifamily community more sustainable!

BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast

The conference will bring together senior-level professionals to discuss and learn about theĀ  multifamily market in Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

The conference will take place on November 18 at Hilton Atlanta. The event will offer market insights regarding the Southeast’s multifamily residential development.

Landowners, engineers, expedites, and perceived specialists will examine explicit parts of multifamily lodging activities. Points will incorporate market assessment, building configuration patterns, and development security refreshes.

Industry specialists will highlight reasonable multifamily lodging arrangements inside the Southeast United States market. Conversations of condominium deals and work-to-lease patterns are additionally arranged.

Designated board conversations will introduce alternate points of view on the multifamily real estate market. Participants will have the freedom to assemble their expert organizations and execute business development systems.

Factors That Drive Multifamily Housing Growth

-The region has an extremely strong economy which drives multifamily housing growth.

-Rapid Job Growth – The area added more than 300,000 new jobs from 2014-15 alone, andĀ  job opportunities are expected to increase 25% over the next decade.

-Gentrification – As the economy continues to improve, more people are moving into this area. This is causing gentrification in many Atlanta areas, resulting in higher rents and increased demand for multifamily housing.

-Increased Availability Of Multifamily Housing Units – There has been a lot of new construction over the last few years; therefore, there are plenty of options when looking for an apartment or condo unit.