Posigen and Solar: Leading the Way

There’s no question about it: solar energy is the future. Solar energy is completely renewable, so it’s good for the planet, and it saves homeowners money, so it’s good for the wallet. Solar energy is leading the way into the future, and Posigen is helping America get there. Solar works like this: Photovoltaic cells on the roof turn energy from photons into alternating current electricity. That energy goes through a standard inverter and becomes direct current, which we all use to power our homes. 


No fossil fuels are involved, no carbon emissions ⁠— just ordinary sunlight. Homeowners save money on solar through extensive federal solar energy credits and Posigen’s written guarantee. The United State government is eager to subsidize solar energy panel installation, and many credits and rebates are available for the interested homeowner (Solarbuildermag). 


Posigen makes it even easier, by guaranteeing, in writing, the amount of money that each homeowner will save on their energy bill when they lease solar panels through Posigen . PosiGen solar power company also offers free home improvements, like sealing air leaks, to keep energy bills low and homeowners happy. Posigen doesn’t just make solar energy available: they give back to the community. More than 65% of the solar power company’s employees are POC or women. At PosiGen, they work hard to ensure that low-income communities have the same access to solar panels that affluent communities do. And, when the community saves money on their collective bills, they have more money to invest back into their hometowns and families⁠— a virtuous circle of growth.