QNET Providing Unparalleled Opportunities For Businesses

The direct selling industry is making its footprints in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Today, Asia Pacific generates about 44% of the worldwide revenues of the direct selling industry. Africa also poises as the new edge for the direct selling ecosystem. This form of business has attracted a myriad of aspiring entrepreneurs, more so in countries with significant unemployment rates.

QNET has seen tremendous growth over the last few decades. But wait, is QNET a real deal? Well, the e-commerce-based company has battled serious allegations and reputation issues ranging from fraud to financial pyramiding.

The e-commerce-based company gives individuals a viable opportunity to nurture a sales business by promoting these unique products. Of course, QNET has made highlights in various markets by utilizing a multi-level marketing model in selling products. Initiated in 1998, the company has risen through the ranks to augment its product portfolio. Equally, the direct selling company has redefined its e-commerce platform and evolved its product line, branching into new categories. Visit this page for more information.

QNET began as a small company selling limited products. In 1998, the company ventured forth to sell commemorative gold coins garnering a reputation in various markets. Intrigued with the prospects of making a profound impact within the global market, it merged with the QVI Club brand in 2002 to sell travel and vacations.

In 2006, the company delved towards marketing health, nutritional, and wellness products. The company’s steadfast commitments and dedications have seen it make a profound impact in the direct selling industry. Today, QNET has expanded its product line to sell beauty and personal care, travel and holidays, jewelry, homecare, nutrition, and education, to mention a few. Sure, the company has augmented its global reach and flaunts a broad customer base in nearly 100 countries. But, QNET is beyond doubt a real deal.


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