Qnet Takes The Lead In Global Multi-Level Marketing

Qnet is a leading global direct selling company with a diversified range of health, lifestyle, and wellness products. The global e-commerce firm aims at providing its customers with unique and quality products and services while offering a chance for them to make money by promoting these products.

Qnet utilizes a grassroots multi-level marketing business model. It has empowered millions to sell their products, become sales representatives, and earn based on their sales volume in more than 100 countries globally. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices, franchises, and agency partnership in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Qnet was founded in 1998 and was initially called GoldQuest because originally, its product portfolio included collectible gold coins. As its product portfolio expanded and upgraded, it shortened its name in 2010 to Qnet in preparation for the digital era. Over the years, it has made partnerships and distribution deals with reputable and high-profile organizations. It was the official distributor for the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Besides, it distributed products during the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The MLM Company provides its freelance representatives and staff with a fair compensation plan that requires them to be vigilant and innovative. It offers eight ways through which its executives can earn, and enhancements to their compensation allow for more weekly pay-outs. Below are the opportunities to make money through the platform:

  • Repeat Sales Promotion
  • Retail Profit
  • First Purchase Profit
  • Early Pay-out
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Step Commission
  • Year-Round Rewards
  • Travel Incentives

Through multi-level marketing, Qnet creates income opportunities for direct sellers while reducing the cost of increasing business. It ensures that products reach thousands of potential buyers in a short time. Especially when there are disruptions in most economies, the platform is a good source of self-employment and a successful business. See this page for additional information.


View their YouTube video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeZFQWejcPc