Summary of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios CEO Alex Pissios

Alex Pissios is recognized as the CEO and president of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. The individual believes in making a difference in the community and strives to do that through his company. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios has been able to help the community by creating over 15,000 jobs in the city of Chicago. The company has also given back to non-profits, organizations, and other groups for over 10 years. Alex Pissios has spoken at many industry events in the past. Before becoming the CEO of Cinspace Chicago Film Studios, the individual worked in real estate and even considered becoming a special education teacher. The CEO is of Greek descent and is a Chicago native. Alex Pissios decided to get out of real estate after the 2008 recession that rippled many businesses. Alex Pissios bought 60 acres with another individual and transformed it into what would become known today as Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. The CEO’s great impact has led to over 3 billion in spending to the area of Chicago and Illinois. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios has produced notable films like Transformers, Divergent, and many TV shows that can be found on HBO, Amazon, and Netflix. Alex Pissios has an English degree from Northern Illinois University.