Using PosiGen Solar Energy

If you’re struggling with high utility bills, consider the benefits of using PosiGen Solar Energy. With the inflated cost of electricity and gas, the homeowner is forced to consider his or her options. After considering buying a wood stove and firing it up in the winter and buying large cubes of dry ice to cool off in the summer, you’ll realize how reasonable the concept of converting your home to solar energy would be. PosiGen will take the lead and set up the whole transition. PosiGen will design the changes needed in your home to accommodate the solar panels and the energy grids necessary for the transition. PosiGen will get the permits and approvals for the changes made in your home’s structure. 


They will install the solar panels and the meters that send your energy usage data to the power company. How does it work? You purchase a lease and then you pay that fee, plus you accept rebates continually from the power company for all the electricity your solar panels produce more than what your home uses. At PosiGen, you apply that extra money to the cost of your lease. Finally, you save money every month. PosiGen’s mission has always been to bring affordable and sustainable energy options to low- and middle-income families. It has successfully done so in many communities, and it is currently expanding its reach to the remaining 47 states. It is presently serving three states. As it extends its reach, many more families will have access to more affordable and more eco-friendly energy. PosiGen has four stated goals in its mission statement: 


1) Positively impact the families PosiGen serves. 

2) Offers PosiGen jobs to the members of the communities it serves. 

3) Support constructive growth for as many members as possible of the communities PosiGen serves. 

4) Make a favorable global impact in the communities where PosiGen Solar Energy is used. 


PosiGen bases its sales on savings. If they cannot save the family money on their utilities, they will not install the solar panels and the energy meters. With this kind of business model, PosiGen customers are truly converted to solar energy, because it works for them. It saves them money!