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Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author with a multinational company, QI Group, aimed at effecting sustainability and equal contribution over the ages. His position as an entrepreneur, author, and speaker has significantly contributed to the world economy.

During the Asian Meeting in 2021, He encouraged attendees to reflect on their country’s needs and abilities to foster their growth. In difficult COVID times, entrepreneurs may be timid to explore, but Vijay Eswaran advised them to continue growing economies through novel ideas, businesses, and digital commerce. He shared insight on post-COVID come back for Asia. Being home to over half of the world’s population puts it in a better position for innovation in sustainability, commerce, and post-pandemic response. He advocates for community collaboration between Asian communities, economies, and corporations to create a block of regional producers and improve their investment in this post-COVID recovery.

He gave China a good example. He commended China for its Belt and Road initiative explaining its importance in bringing together economies worldwide. By investing regionally, Asia will benefit from investment opportunities and export markets and boost their income after domestic consumption.

He further emphasized the support of small and medium-size business enterprises. Through investment in infrastructure, assets, and community-focused efforts, the future of small business enterprises can be expanded and put in a position to thrive. He further declared that this business is a primary engine of economic growth.

Vijay Eswaran believes in philosophy and philanthropy in any business venture. He thinks it’s not easy to separate one’s nature from professionalism. An individual’s nature molds him to take commands in a company and spearhead ideas, and effect change in the world around them. He advocates for diversity in workplaces, saying it’s an asset for businesses and employees to foster empathy, creativity, and innovation.

As a leader, he outlines ownership, caring, purpose-driven, and taking ownership as the vital traits.

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