Why Krishen Iyer is Consistently Encouraging Businesses to Reduce the Cost of Attracting Customers

Today, every other business is struggling to ensure its role in the market. That is why all the organizations in such sectors compete aggressively and work hard to achieve their specific goals and make businesses grow. But, importantly, as Krishen Iyer states, not all businesses have been able to prove that they have the necessary skills and experience to enable them to cope with the current issues.


However, as a person who understands the challenges that various companies have been facing, it is essential to communicate that Krishen Iyer has been able to come up with some crucial solutions that businesses ought to use. This, so that they can continue to operate in the challenging business environment. In this case, successful CEO Krishen Iyer believes that the cost of acquiring new customers is getting out of control.


According to the marketing expert Krishen Iyer, most of the marketing techniques companies have been using have not been sustainable. That is why there have been reports of an increase in the number of organizations suffering. In this case, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer points out, such companies don’t know how to remain competitive in the same sector for many years.


However, Krishen Iyer seems to be highly focused on the issue of economies of scale. It is his view that such entities will be able to prove that they have what is needed to accomplish their objectives in the entire market. Overall within the field of online marketing. As the marketing expert and business mentor Krishen Iyer states, in this situation, all businesses must always work hard so that they can be able to make a difference in the market and accomplish their desires.