ZeroAvia is Going Green

The dawn of climate change has continued to raise eyebrows all over the planet thus affecting people all around the world. Climate collapse is one of the most notable causes of existential angst in the world today. Legislations are now being implemented in saving the earth’s ecosystem. Flights’ carbon footprints are still massive and significant. Initially, there was a lot of debate on the impact of flights when it comes to carbon emissions (Aero-mag). 

But according to Carbon Monitor, an international organization in charge of monitoring emissions, noted a 48% decline in aviation emissions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Flight companies are now facing a lot of pressure to lower their carbon emissions. Green technology has been proposed as one of the solutions. ZeroAvia hasn’t been left behind in this endeavour. Being the first company on the planet planning to go green when it comes to flights, it is designing a zero-emission, hydrogen-powered aeroplane engine. ZeroAvia intends to incorporate a hydrogen-electric fuelled powertrain system for its planes. 

The initial target is a 10 to 20 capacity plane for either cargo or passenger freight, projecting 800km to be covered. Instead of the current conventional fuel, the plane will run on green hydrogen with water vapour as the emissions. This is advantageous in two ways; there will be a significant reduction in emissions, and the switch to hydrogen fuel will be cheaper economically. The aviation company has finally gotten the green light from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). ZeroAvia has also received endorsement from British Airways, who invested more than $24 million in the project. Other measures have also been put in place to decarbonize air travel. The World Economic Forum, for instance, has formed a watchdog unit to monitor the quality of aviation fuel. Leaders across the world are pledging their full support. With all these changes happening, it’s safe to say that the aviation industry is reinventing itself.